Tim and the Master (Animated Series Soundtrack)

by Michal Szablowski



Tim and the Master, season 1 (in production)

Tim and the Master is an animated series about a young adept of magic named Tim and very old and wise, yet somehow chaotic, Master of magic.
Every episode is a new adventure and a mystery to solve. They often find themselves in trouble but thanks to an ingenuity of Tim and magical power of the Master, they always come out of it safely and wiser.

It's been a very interesting process for me. I'd like to thank Piotr Krzykwa from Kineskop/Voiceland for bringing me in.

Director: Bartek Kędzierski
Producers: Paweł Pewny, Barbara Pewna
Sound: Jarek Czernichowski
Co-production: Kineskop

Music: Michał Szablowski

Opening theme mixed by Jarek Czernichowski


released November 5, 2019

Music composed and produced by Michał Szablowski


all rights reserved


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